[Mailman-Users] Newbie Question - Setting up email

greg at ascendnetwork.com greg at ascendnetwork.com
Fri Sep 9 21:02:17 CEST 2005

dnbuy.net is the site where I registered my domain. I use their URL forwarding 
to my roadrunner acct for my website. I also have a pop3 acct set up through 
dnbuy for my domain. When someone sends an email to my domain, it goes to 
their dns server and is then processed through their pop3 server. I have my 
mail program setup to check mail via pop3 into my inbox. I have created an 
email address for the list mailman at ascendnetwork.com. When someone send a 
post to that address it just sits there in the inbox on my pop3 server at 
dnbuy. How do I configure mailman and exim (thought it was sendmail before 
but it is exim4) to get posts from that acct and send them to everyone on my 
list? I hope that clarifies the question. I guess I know nothing about 
aliases. I am new to this. I set the default host in mailman to 
ascendnetwork.com. I subscribed to the list and the welcome email I get shows 
mailman at ascendnetwork.com as the post to address but when I send a message to 
the address it doesn't come back to me through the list. Again, I dont know 
how to set it up to get posts from my pop3 account and send them to the list 
members. Thanks for the help.

Greg Burnett

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