[Mailman-Users] Complaints about MM 2.1.6b4

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Mon Sep 12 18:22:33 CEST 2005

Darren G Pifer wrote:

>Under the membership management section, up to some number
>of e-mail addresses, mailman splits the e-mail addresses into 
>alphabetized sections. One of our list admins would like to have
>mailman show all of the e-mail addresses in a single window, if
>possible, or into multiple windows of 50 or 100 e-mail address chunks.

Each list has an attribute admin_member_chunksize which controls this
for that list. If the total membership is <=
admin_membership_chunksize, it will be displayed in one page.
Otherwise, it will be displayed in sections by the first character of
the e-mail address.

There is an existing RFE related to this at

Unfortunately, the gotcha here is that admin_member_chunksize is not
available in the admin interface (see
It is set at list create time from the Defaults.py/mm_cfg.py variable
DEFAULT_ADMIN_MEMBER_CHUNKSIZE, but after the list is created, it has
to be changed with bin/withlist. See
for an example of how to do this.

The search
will turn up lots of prior discussion of this.

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