[Mailman-Users] how to receive all notifications and bounces

Csaba Kiraly csaba.kiraly at create-net.org
Tue Sep 13 12:26:49 CEST 2005

Dear All,

I have a question regarding bounce processing. I was setting up a list
for a small group (~20 people) working together preparing documents, etc.
What I need is to receive immediate notifications if something goes
wrong, e.g. an e-mail address was mistyped when added, some delivery
errors, etc.

Looking at bounce processing, I have found options aiming at easing the
administrator's task by "filtering" out bounces. Even if I turn off
bounce processing, it is written that:
*bounce_processing* (bounce): Should Mailman perform automatic bounce
processing? By setting this value to /No/, you disable all automatic
bounce processing for this list, however bounce messages will still be
discarded so that the list administrator isn't inundated with them.

How can I set this up to receive immediate notifications?

Thanks, best regards,
Csaba Kiraly

Via Solteri, 38 - 38100 Trento - Italy
e-mail: csaba.kiraly at create-net.org
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