[Mailman-Users] Problem integrating v2.1.5 into the mail system

Rob Tanner rtanner at linfield.edu
Wed Sep 14 00:48:24 CEST 2005

Cockpit error on my part.  Your suggestions ended up pointing me right 
to it.


John Dennis said the following on 09/13/2005 09:45 AM:

>On Tue, 2005-09-13 at 09:25 -0700, Rob Tanner wrote:
>>I upgraded from Mailman 2.0.6 to 2.1.5, and I'm having a problem with 
>>the aliases.   My MTA is Postfix.
>>Here's my problem.  Our mail system uses the LDAP server for all the MTA 
>>required local aliases.  However, on the specific server hosting 
>>Mailman, I modified the following line in the Postfix main.cf file to 
>>include the Mailman aliases file:
>>       alias_database = 
>>Apart from hosting Mailman, that server is not part of our regular mail 
>>When a message is sent to <listname>@linfield.edu, Postfix, on which 
>>ever one of the mail gateway servers that first sees the message, looks 
>>up the alias, and then using the mailroutingaddress attribute, re-routes 
>>the mail to <listname>@calvin.linfield.edu, which is the actual name of 
>>the host.  However, when the mail hits the Mailman server, Postfix 
>>reject it with the error:
>>     550 <<listname>@calvin.linfield.edu>: User unknown in local 
>>recipient table
>>The other pertinent setting in main.cf is:
>>     local_recipient_maps = $alias_maps, dbm:/opt/mailman_2.1.5/data/aliases
>>I've played extensively with the various Postfix parameters, and I've 
>>not been able to resolve this problem.  It probobly is a Postfix 
>>settings issue, and I'm hoping someone has had and resolved a similar issue.
>Here are some things to check:
>In your main.cf file you've specified a file_type of dbm but I don't see
>anything in your mail saying you've told Mailman's Postfix.py to use
>that file format. Have you? It defaults to whatever is the default
>database type in your postfix installation. You should verify the file
>types are in fact in harmony with one another. You could take a look at
>postfix error logging to see if its complaining or use the postmap
>command to simulate the lookup.
>Also, it looks like you're performing domain mapping when you re-route
>to the primary server. If the alias lookup's include domain information
>you may fail the local_recipient_maps lookup because although the user
>part of the address is correct it may include a domain part not
>recognized by the server fielding the request. I would use the postmap
>command to simulate an alias lookup and see what is returned and make
>sure domains are not part of the alias or if they are that they match.


Rob Tanner
UNIX Services Manager
Linfield College, McMinnville OR

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