[Mailman-Users] third-level domains

Jason Pfingstmann jpfingstmann at azxws.com
Thu Sep 15 01:13:09 CEST 2005

First off, to give you all a general overview:
1  Web Server - handles domain.com, www.domain.com requests
2  Mail Server - Postfix using virtual domains from mySQL DB

I have mailman on the mail server (since it seems to require this) and so
installed apache on it.  DNS points all domains "mail.domain.com" to the
mail server.  Since the mailman user access and admin access pages are
pointed to the domain of the list, using mail.domain.com makes sense for
lists.  So somelist at mail.domain.com

The issue is, I have the following in my mm_cfg.py:

I have postfix transport for mail.azxws.com set to virtual
When I am the mailman user and do ./bin/newlist list at mail.azxws.com, I get
an e-mail to the admin account I specify with links to
list-request at azxws.com, not mail.azxws.com.
Also, when I send e-mail to list at mail.azxws.com I get an error that it
loops back upon itself, and when I try list at azxws.com I get an error that
the user doesn't exist (since azxws.com is a virtual domain that has
e-mail addresses used by it).

Please let me know what might help troubleshoot this.  I'm at my wits end.

Jason Pfingstmann

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