[Mailman-Users] strange bounce message

msapiro at bag.python.org msapiro at bag.python.org
Fri Sep 16 23:04:59 CEST 2005

I'm looking at this again and I have more thoughts/questions.

Mark Sapiro wrote:
>Anne Ramey wrote:
>>Mark Sapiro wrote:
>>> Anne Ramey wrote:

>>>>>A temporary error occured while delivering to the following address(es):
>>>>>  <pfenno at ncees.org>: 454 TLS not available, must be connected via TCP


>>> Are you saying the list is <pfenno at ncees.org> and replyers received
>>> that bounce instead of the reply going to the list? 

You didn't really answer. Is <pfenno at ncees.org> the list or perhaps
a list member or?


>>  Did the bounces all come from the same MTA? which one?
>>I think they must have come from the ncees.org mta, but I don't see the 
>>corresponding messages in the logs.

I don't think so. The message appears to have originated from an MTA
that was trying to deliver to pfenno at ncees.org and was unable to
establish an SMTP session. If there's anything in the logs at
ncees.org it would only be a connection refusal.

I think we still need more information.

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