[Mailman-Users] bandwidth monitoring per list

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Wed Sep 21 20:13:19 CEST 2005

Anne Ramey wrote: 
> Is there a tool I could use, or a way inside mailman itself, to monitor 
> the bandwidth used by a particular list?  Either to institute a quota or 
>   (preferably) end up with a stats type graph or set of #s?

here is a thread that may be of interest to you: http://www.nabble.com/Throttle-outbound-mail-delivery-restricted-to-200-per-hour%2C-Bounce-t197531.html#a552093

Also, try search Nabble's archive of Mailman mailing lists here: http://www.nabble.com/Mailman-f1728.html

It allows you to cross search all mailman related lists in one place. You can post relies to any list or follow up with the author privately to find an answer to your question.

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