[Mailman-Users] umbrella lists and approved senders

Gary Casterline casterln at nature.Berkeley.EDU
Thu Sep 22 21:05:18 CEST 2005

We've set up chain of hierarchical lists to accommodate annual groups.
Each year we create a list for the new cohorts:
    class-of-2003 at example.tld
    class-of-2004 at example.tld
    class-of-2005 at example.tld

and then add the new class-of list to the umbrella list:

    alumni at example.tld

Each list is set to allow postings from subscribers and a
small set of approved non-subscribed addresses.  I'd like to add
these approved addresses to the umbrella list and have messages go
through without owner/moderator approval to the sublists.
As it is now, we have to add the approved addresses to each sublist.

Any suggestions?



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