[Mailman-Users] X-Mailing-List and non-local domain names?

Christopher Woodfield rekoil at semihuman.com
Fri Sep 23 22:45:13 CEST 2005


I recently took over running a list that runs on a friend's domain  
(let's call it foo.com) on my box, which is bar.com. We currently  
have everything working by setting up a "list at bar.com" list on the  
local mailman, pointing a "list at foo.com" alias to it (the original  
address of the list), and setting up an explicit reply-to to point to  
list at foo.com so the replies go to the right place.

The only other thing going on here is the fact that all of the  
mailing list headers (X-Beenthere, List-Id:, etc) still say  
"list at bar.com". I would prefer if bar.com's involvement in the list  
be transparent, which obviously isn't happening. Is there a way to  
configure mailman to change this behavior?



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