[Mailman-Users] Automatically reject posts by non-members

Rae rae at gitchee.com
Tue Sep 27 20:40:28 CEST 2005

Privacy Options / Sender Filters

Non-members filters:

Action to take for postings from non-members for which no explicit 
action is defined.
[ ] Accept [ ] Hold [ ] Reject [ x ] Discard

Should messages from non-members, which are automatically discarded, 
be forwarded to the list moderator?
[ ] No [ ] Yes

Set this is Yes, if you want to receive them without having to do 
anything else. Set this to No, if you don't want to receive them.

Best wishes,

At 10:02 AM 9/27/2005, you wrote:
>Hi guys,
>Recently lots of people have started to try spamming my mailing lists - this
>is not such a problem as because they're non-members the posts get held for
>moderation - however, it's distinctly annoying that I have to keep deleting
>them, and also getting mail alerts for them. Could anyone direct me towards
>the configuration screen that manages moderation options?
>Thanks in advance,

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