[Mailman-Users] Hidden Members

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed Sep 28 02:28:32 CEST 2005

Jim Poteet wrote:

>I have a list that is used for announcement-only type postings and which is infrequently used. I'm getting post-confirmation requests for a couple of members that I can't find in the membership list. I'm assuming these are members who opted to be hidden.

"Hidden" members are only hidden on the 'roster' page and on the e-mail
'who' response. They are not hidden on the admin Membership
Management...->Membership List.

>The other post confirmation is from AOL saying that the member doesn't have a post office box, so apparently he'll stay in the member list until bounce processing stops delivery (but he'll still be in the list, right?).

I'm not sure what you're saying here, but I'm guessing that you're
saying that AOL is bouncing posts back to the list rather than the
list-bounces address. If this is the case, he will never have delivery
disabled because bounces are not being properly returned.

If bounce processing were working for this user, he would eventually be
unsubscribed (assuming the 'disabled' cron is being run). Once a
member is disabled, a "Your Membership Is Disabled" notice is sent to
the member every bounce_you_are_disabled_warnings_interval days. If
the member still has not visited his/her options page to reenable
delivery after bounce_you_are_disabled_warnings are sent, the member
is unsubscribed.

>Is there any way I can get rid of these hidden members from within the browser admin panels.

As I said above, they aren't hidden from the admin Membership List. If
they aren't in this list, either they really aren't list members or
the subscribed address is forwarding posts to another address (i.e.
the AOL address).

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