[Mailman-Users] apache errors

Bryan Irvine sparctacus at gmail.com
Thu Sep 29 20:21:35 CEST 2005

> I had this problem myself - very recently.  This was on a Solaris
> implementation of Mailman.

I'm on OpenBSD

> The values in question are:
> DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST = 'hostname'
> DEFAULT_URL_HOST = 'hostname'
> I had appended these values to the file:
> /usr/local/mailman/Mailman/mm_cfg.py
> That didn't work, so I replaced the hostname with the fully qualified
> network name:  'hostname.domain.edu'
> That didn't work either.  So, then, I put these values into the file:
> /usr/local/mailman/Mailman/Defaults.py
> And then everything worked correctly!

This didn't do it either... :-/


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