[Mailman-Users] edit the mail body

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Mon Apr 10 05:54:27 CEST 2006

Fatcat wrote:
>I think I get the solution.
>I shout hit return 2 times.
>The output in the mail will be what I want :-)

This is a work around, but it shouldn't be necessary. I just subscribed
to your test list and I have received your last two test posts from
the list. I set my preferred language to english, and my footers are
not run together on one line, but they have some Taiwan characters

> Test mailing list
> Test at ixp.comm.ccu.edu.tw
> ??http://ixp.comm.ccu.edu.tw/mailman/listinfo/test
> ??http://ixp.comm.ccu.edu.tw/mailman/options/Test

Above is single spaced from quote. below is double spaced


Test mailing list

Test at ixp.comm.ccu.edu.tw



Both of the above are from one test post. So is your subscriber
preferred language englist or taiwan? This may be part of the problem.

>But there is a question, The bottom of the mailman-user mail list
>There is auto embedded use's mail in the Unsubscribe
>What is the variable in the [Non-digest options] ??

You have to set


in mm_cfg.py. Then you will see the personalize option under Non-digest
options, and the 'details for personalize' link will explain the
additional 'personalized' substitutions.

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