[Mailman-Users] Adjusting Digest Settings

Drew Tenenholz drew.tenenholz at isid.org
Wed Aug 2 02:47:20 CEST 2006

Folks --

I thought I understood the digest settings, but...

I am currently serving up just one list with mailman, and it is set 
for both English and Russian language localization.  The posts are in 
Russian/Cyrillic.  This is working, but I am having trouble with the 
digests.  I think the relevant settings are:

mailman version 2.1.4 (yes, the original one packaged with Mac OS 
10.3 Server [aka Panther Server] )
digest_size_threshold=150 (kb)

So, I expect a daily digest if there are any posts, and multiple 
digests on a single day if there are a lot of posts.  But, I received 
no digests for three days, even when there were posts.

The original size threshold was only 30 kb, which was producing 
multiple daily digests.  I think this is due to the fact that the 
archiving of Russian posts is actually storing each glyph as a 
separate HTML entity code (e.g. $#85114;𔱷 etc.) which really 
eats up space quickly.  So, I changed the size up to 5x30 since I had 
received up to four digests in a single day.  Then, no digests went 
out.  I have changed the setting to 60kb, but would appreciate any 
insight into the correct settings.

Drew Tenenholz

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