[Mailman-Users] About multiple admin users in mailman

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed Aug 2 15:55:20 CEST 2006

Denis Morejon wrote:

>Can anyone tell me if there is a way by which I could define different administration levels. So that it could be easy to delegate some roles, differents from the ones that a moderator has, to different users?
>I mean, to concede  roles between administrator and moderator to different users?

No. Standard Mailman has only 'moderator' and 'administrator' roles.
Who can do what is determined by knowledge of the respective password.

There have been discussions of 'intermediate' roles in the past on this
list. I don't recall if anyone implemented anything. See
for search info.

Note that you can restrict which pages in the admin interface an admin
can see by redefining the ADMIN_CATEGORIES list in mm_cfg.py (see the
definition in Defaults.py). You can remove any pages from this list
and they won't appear in the GUI except that the 'general' page is the
default so it will always appear even if removed from the
ADMIN_CATEGORIES list. Also note however that this is a global
setting, and if you use it, there is no 'super-admin' role that has
access to all pages.

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