[Mailman-Users] Moving archives (from L-Soft LISTSERV to Mailman)

Dewhirst, Rob dewey at ku.edu
Fri Aug 4 03:20:44 CEST 2006

> Is is cumbersome or possible to move archives from a listserv 
> running on L-Soft into Mailman.  I just took over an existing 
> list and created it on Mailman.  There are archives from the 
> old list I would like to import into Mailman.  I am running 
> Mailman 2.1.7.  I cannot find anything in the listserv 
> archives on this nor on google.  If anyone can send me any 
> links or information that would help.

I just spent several days doing exactly this.  I was going to write up a
very quick procedure, because your right about there being no good

The faq's quoted in this thread are good starting points but not
complete. You will need to do some fine tuning of the resulting .mbox
file.  In particular, listserv manages dates in its archives
independently.  Over five years of LISTSERV archives I had mail from
1967 to 2098, thanks to bad clocks on email senders.

I'll see if I can put something together.

You will need access to the LISTSERV .LOG files for the list, not the
HTML archives.  Do you have those?  You can get them with a  LISTSERV
command if the list is still active.

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