[Mailman-Users] Strange behaviour after a file system filled up...

Paul Armor parmor at gravity.phys.uwm.edu
Thu Aug 10 22:18:40 CEST 2006

we had a problem a couple of weeks ago, and occasionally see some 
lingering side effects.

This is regarding mailman-2.0.13.

The file system that houses all of our mailman install filled up (both 
scripts and data).  We cleaned up the fs, and things seemed to keep 
plugging along.

I. Except, that I occasionally see I get email warnings of:

Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "/var/mailman/cron/checkdbs", line 92, in ?
   File "/var/mailman/cron/checkdbs", line 43, in main
     count = mlist.NumRequestsPending()
   File "/var/mailman/Mailman/ListAdmin.py", line 96, in NumRequestsPending
   File "/var/mailman/Mailman/ListAdmin.py", line 69, in __opendb
     self.__db = marshal.load(fp)
EOFError: EOF read where object expected

I don't THINK I see these every day...

II. I find a LOT of .lock files in mailman/locks, all from during the time 
that the fs was full, most are 0 length files, a few contain the full path 
to and the name of the lockfile.

Are the presense of the lock files related to the pending-request checkdbs 
cron errors?

How can I clean this up?  I've poked around the archives here a bit, and 
google'd this, but can't seem to find an answer...

Thanks in advance!


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