[Mailman-Users] Greetings.

Tim Wright twright at tantrumedia.com
Tue Aug 15 11:01:20 CEST 2006

You are right... That's exactly what I did.

That answers my question perfectly! ;O)

Many thanks,
Tim W.

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At 5:11 PM +0100 2006-08-14, Tim Wright wrote:

>  I'll kick off with a question that's probably been answered  a 
> millions times (I guess?).

It's been a popular one, yes.

>  I'm operating a mailing list for a logistics company and
>  I need to allow wildcard e-mail addresses in the sender  filters;

See FAQ 3.33.  However I notice that the current version of this FAQ 
entry doesn't mention the word "wildcard", which I'm assuming is what 
you searched for and did not find.  I will correct that.

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