[Mailman-Users] Stop Already Subscribed Message

Ki Song ki at knifecenter.com
Thu Aug 17 16:37:05 CEST 2006

> And email commands send an email response to the 'sender'. So anyone
> who attempts to subscribe or unsubscribe via your web page gets some
> kind of email reply. Further, in the case of an unsubscribe (and maybe
> subscribe depending on list settings), they get a 'confirm' email that
> requires further action.
> In the case of someone who is already a member, the email response says
> that.
> If you want to change this behavior, you can
> 1) modify Mailman/Queue/CommandRunner.py and/or the appropriate
> Mailman/Commands/cmd-* scripts to do what you want, but you may need
> to do this in a list specific way if you have other lists, or
> 2) change your web page to post to your own CGI or to run the
> bin/add_members and bin/remove_members commands, although the latter
> will have permission problems unless you make the command files SETGID
> which you may not want depending on who has shell access to the
> server. To avoid this, you can access the commands through a SETGID
> wrapper.
I'm using mailman as a newsletter program for our company.
I have our order page setup so that a customer can choose to subscribe to
our newsletter right from our order form.
If they are a new customer, mailman sends them a confirmation message
requesting that the customer reply to the message to confirm their
subscription to our newsletter. That's fine.

However, I want mailman to stop sending an e-mail that says "You are already
subscribed to the newsletter".

Basically, the script that runs on our order form sends a message to
newsletter-join at domain.com with subscribe newsletter as the subject.

Is there a way for me to setup mailman so that if newsletter-join at domain.com
gets a message from a subscriber to subscribe again to the newsletter, the
mailman server doesn't send any message?

NOTE: I know I asked a similar question earlier in the list, but I would
think there is an easier way to implement this task.


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