[Mailman-Users] wrong URLs in mail footer and web pages

DoTPanic dotpanic at ultim8team.com
Fri Aug 18 17:41:43 CEST 2006


I've installed mailman on a server which is located on my private network.
It is also the gateway to Internet. I'm using it as a web server.

I've configured mailman and everything was quite straightforward.

I only have one small problem:
When mailman sends mail, it uses my private network hostname in the mail
footer, instead of my Internet hostname (dyndns one). For the moment, my
footer is (URLs have been changed):
Publicml mailing list
Publicml at dot.dyndns.org

But I would like it to be:
Publicml mailing list
Publicml at dot.dyndns.org

And the same problem occurs when I'm on the website. Every URL in HTML pages
begins with nunux.mshome.net. This is not an issue when accessing the pages
from my private network, but it becomes very problematic when I want to
access the pages from Internet.

Do you have any idea on what may causes this problem?
What can I do to solve this issue?


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