[Mailman-Users] unmoderated user being moderated

Tim Wright twright at tantrumedia.com
Sat Aug 19 19:13:45 CEST 2006


Don't be too hard on yourself, I too fell fowl if this limit. ;O)

It would be good in future versions of Mailman to have a "Dummy's
(no offence to me or you!) setup script" that asks all the vital
questions and primes the fields accordingly. Stuff that, unless
you are eagle-eyed on all the parameters, you could miss. Stuff
that stops the product doing what you might expect such as mail
size limits, limits on number of users in the recipient list,
along with a really basic 'laymans' explanation of what's going
on and how it's doing what it's doing.

I also am a total newbie at Python, so the equivalent of
"*@domain.com" for a wildcard "everyone at a domain" really
flummoxed me and I eventually found and cut & paste from the FAQ.
Maybe a bit of code built-in to Mailman for newbies that parses
"*@domain.com" into Python would be great?

I'm sure these (and many more) suggestions fly past the holder
of the source code, and I for one am eternally grateful that
Mailman does what it does right now, without any mods for amatuers
or beginners, but there's always room for improvement as with
anything! ;O)

In fact, if I had the time I should learn the necessary skills and
do something about it, eh? :OD

Not sure how often this is said, but "Thanks for Mailman Guys!".
It does it's job well...

Tim W.

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Issue Solved: I feel a bit stupid but it turns out that the message they

were trying to send was over the size limit set in the list. A dumb 
mistake but I will learn from it.

Thanks everyone.


Heather Madrone wrote:
> Also, check to make sure that the list member is posting from his 
> subscription address. You can add non-subscription addresses to the 
> approved posters list in Privacy Options...Sender Filters to allow 
> posts from a member's additional addresses to go through without 
> moderation.
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