[Mailman-Users] unsubscriptions because of 'invalid value"

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Tue Aug 22 06:08:37 CEST 2006

Edward A. Muller wrote:

>We run a mailing list for a customer that uses the MySQL Member Adaptor. We are getting a bunch of the following in the logs and the customer is complaining that the people aren't unsubscribing...
>Aug 17 00:07:56 2006 (2806) mailings: deleted user at foo.com; disabled address
>Aug 17 00:07:56 2006 (2806) mailings: user at foo.com auto-unsubscribed [reason: invalid value]
>I know the MySQL member adaptor isn't really supported, but any help in trying to figure out where/why this is happening would be helpful.

These are essentially normal messages that come from Bouncer.py when a
user is unsubscribed after being disabled (normally for bouncing) and
exhausting the number of 'bounce_you_are_disabled_warnings' set for
the list.

The abnormal part is the 'invalid value' reason. This seems to come
about because there is BounceInfo for the user, but the user's
delivery is not disabled. On cursory inspection, I don't see how this
can happen, but I know there are issues with BounceInfo and 'other'
MemberAdaptors because the code in Bouncer.py calls getBounceInfo()
and then changes things in it without calling setBounceInfo(). This
works as long as the _BounceInfo instance is stored in config.pck when
the list is saved, but not if it is stored externally.

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