[Mailman-Users] Miscreant "moderator request(s) waiting" messages

Craig Box Craig at itpartners.co.nz
Wed Aug 23 22:35:43 CEST 2006

I've just migrated a Mailman list from one host to another, by copying
the data, archives and lists dir as suggested in the FAQ section 3.4.

There were some configuration problems with the last machine, so I
didn't get a lot of messages to -owner, and a lot of bounce messages.
When I ended up with the list on the new host, I instantly got 77
moderator request(s) waiting, so I deleted them all and moved on.

The next day, I got the same message - 77 moderator request(s) waiting.
Go to the moderator webpage, no outstanding requests.

I deleted the request.pck and recreated it, and have tried various other
things.  There are no heldmsg- files that match.  The e-mail addresses
on the list are random, and I can't find mention of them on my grep of
the mailman directory.  Every morning at 8am, this message is being
regenerated and sent back to me, and I can't for the life of me, see
where from.

Plot thickens - if I have other requests outstanding (I have accumulated
more spam to clear), then I get two messages, one saying I have 77
moderator request(s) waiting, and one saying I have 3 moderator
request(s) remaining.  Click the web interface, see the three, clear the
three, back to zero.

I've searched the FAQ and list archive and acted on a couple of the
suggestions, but none so far seems to fit.  Any ideas?


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