[Mailman-Users] Why Not Upgrade to 2.1.8?

Allan Trick atrick at prin.edu
Fri Aug 25 16:30:47 CEST 2006

At 09:18 AM 8/25/2006, Barry Finkel wrote:

>I have seen many posts on this list from people who are running 
>2.1.5 (or earlier).  I am wondering why someone would recently 
>upgrade to 2.1.5 instead of to 2.1.8, which is the current release?


I know one reason we don't upgrade every time one comes out is we 
want to be sure everything is stable.  I'm sure it is, but sometimes 
people talk about a feature not working right in a release and we 
think we know everything's working properly in the one we have, so why upgrade.

Also, we usually hire someone to come in and help us with upgrades 
like this.  If the upgrade process were really cut and dried, and 
there was virtually no possibility that something weird could happen, 
then maybe us non-guru folks would attempt it.  Is there a document 
explaining the upgrade process, and is it considered a pretty simple 
thing to do?


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