[Mailman-Users] Sender not receiving messages

Oleg D. perl at ipchains.ru
Fri Aug 25 17:29:18 CEST 2006

Allan Trick wrote:
> I'm just reporting back that in the scenario I was describing earlier 
> in this thread, I've checked logs and it appears that Mailman did do 
> what it was supposed to and deliver a message to all 20 of our 
> lists.  So the fact that any given user who is subscribed to all 
> those lists only receives one message of the 20 would appear to be 
> due to Exchange's "helpfulness" in reducing in-box clutter.  I'm not 
> sure I like this "feature" but there probably isn't much to be done 
> about it.  Maybe it'll help others who didn't already know that 
> Exchange does this to read this in the FAQ.  And if anyone more 
> knowledgeable about Exchange wants to comment and maybe provide a 
> workaround for cases where all messages sent to a bunch of lists ARE 
> received by the Exchange user in Outlook, that'd be nice.
> I've got a question about the logs, but I'll put that in a separate message.
> Allan 
As David said it would be a great idea to have a post in FAQ about that ;-)

David Lee on Fri, 25 Aug 2006 09:55:01 +0100 (BST): "Hope that helps.  (You might want to report back your findings for the benefit of the FAQ!)"

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