[Mailman-Users] qmail setup question

Peter Horst phorst at speakeasy.net
Fri Aug 25 17:36:34 CEST 2006

Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Peter Horst wrote:
>> Solve what? :-)  I appreciate your taking the time to answer, but my 
>> question was "what does 'mailman at ...'s letters" mean?  What's a 
>> "letter"?  I'm saying that fundamentally I don't understand what the 
>> part I quoted even means, so I have nothing to Google...
> Most of us are not qmail experts or even knowledgeable about qmail at
> all. Questions about a specific MTA are more likely to get good
> answers if directed to a list or other resource devoted to that MTA.
> I know your question comes directly from our installation manual, but
> that material may well have been contributed by one person who isn't
> here now.
> Having read that section, all I can tell you is this has to do with
> delivering mail to the site list 'mailman' and it's owner
> 'mailman-owner' when 'mailman' is also a local user. I think
> 'mailman at ...' means 'mailman at example.com' where 'example.com' is your
> domain. I haven't a clue about the broader meaning of those lines.
> Sorry I can't be more help.

Oh, I definitely appreciate your taking the time to help - I certainly 
don't think it's anybody's job to help Peter :-)  I think I'll try this 
out over on the qmail list & see how that goes.  Thanks again -


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