[Mailman-Users] Message IDs & Security

Jon Loose jjloose at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Aug 25 19:29:04 CEST 2006

Thanks for lots of good/useful news here - especially the tentative beta release date!  

On running dumpdb, I noticed a couple of long-standing invitations.  When an invitation is issued, is there a time-period after which mailman "uninvites" the individual concerned?

The ability to produce this list via the web interface would be a most useful feature for web-based listadmins of invitation-only lists, I suspect.  



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Jon Loose wrote:

>Thanks Brad/Mark for comments.  It seems outlook is to blame for the message ids.  Re: Security, I will pass back to the list anything I find that's simple enough for me!  The potential feature set of 2.2 looks good. Any guesstimates on when this will be coming?(!)  Are there plans for 2.2 to be as easy to apply as an upgrade as the 2.1.x releases have been?

Yes. Mailman 2.2 should be as easy to apply as 2.1.x upgrades.

And I know I'll regret saying this, but 2.2 should be released in beta
at least before the end of 2006, but the security changes I mentioned
earlier in this thread won't be in the initial 2.2 release.

>One further issue: Is it possible to discover who has been invited to join a list but has not yet responded to the invitation email?

bin/dumpdb lists/<listname>/pending.pck

and look at entries with a code of 'S'.

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