[Mailman-Users] Quicker way to subscribe someone?

Dragon dragon at crimson-dragon.com
Fri Aug 25 23:46:35 CEST 2006

Dragon sent the message below at 14:30 8/25/2006:
>Allan Trick sent the message below at 13:49 8/25/2006:
> >Sorry to post so many questions in the space of a week to this
> >list.  I work at a school and all the changes we make to our mailing
> >lists tend to take place just once a year--now.  So in a few days
> >I'll probably go away and you won't hear from me again till next 
> summer.  :-)
> >
> >My question this time is:  is there a simpler way to subscribe one
> >person to all 20 of our lists, and have the 'mod' bit unchecked for
> >her?  I've been going into each list thru the web interface,
> >selecting Mass Subscription, adding the person, and then going to the
> >Membership List and unchecking the 'mod' bit that is on by default.
> >
> >I'll be there's a much simpler command-line way to do it.  Hope so!
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>You can do this easily from the web interface and not have to change
>the setting for each individual user.
>On the Privacy Options->Sender Filters page there is a setting to
>control if new members are moderated by default. You would want to
>set this to No before mass subscribing anyone else.
>At the bottom of the Membership Management page, you can set the
>moderation bit for all subscribers on a list to on or off in one operation.
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I just added these two topics to the FAQ.





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