[Mailman-Users] Need to stop mailman

Gary Hall gary.chris at comcast.net
Sat Aug 26 05:24:18 CEST 2006

Hi Brad,

Good thoughts - thanks.

This guy who is formulating the advertisements is the only one who is 
authorized to send mail to the server and have it delivered to the list.

I am going to pass on your "knowledge" to him and hopefully he will take 

Thanks again.

Warm regards,


Brad Knowles wrote:

> At 10:51 AM -0400 2006-08-25, Gary Hall wrote:
>>  I have set up a "test" list that only has the names of the 
>> principles of
>>  this mailing endeavor. We will first send out the adv to ourselves and
>>  be sure the adv looks as we expect it too and not other problems crop
>>  up. After the test run we will send out the adv to the main list. My
>>  primary reason for this is to check out this guy's html code every time
>>  - just in case.
> Keep in mind that what looks fine to your MUA may not look good in 
> some other.  This is the classic problem with HTML, especially as sent 
> via e-mail, and most especially as that is processed and munged by 
> mailing lists.
> Think about any particular web page, but as viewed by any of a zillion 
> different web browsers -- not just Microsoft, but also Mozilla, Opera, 
> iCab, Nokia, PalmOS, and every single other browser in existence.  
> Now, multiply that problem by a factor of about a billion, because 
> there are a lot of additional programs involved in the process that 
> could munge the content beyond recognition.
> Fundamentally, if you are depending on HTML being properly formatted 
> and transmitted to your clients using Mailman, you are playing the 
> e-mail equivalent of Russian Roulette.

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