[Mailman-Users] upgrading, changing MTA and moving between servers

Kim Leandersson kim.leandersson at chs.chalmers.se
Sat Aug 26 18:37:28 CEST 2006

> >2) just manually copy the lists/listname and archives 
> directories to the
> >new server
> This is the way to go.
> Caveats - Do not create the list on the new server before the 
> transfer.
> If you do, you will create a lists/listname/config.pck and Mailman
> will never see to lists/listname/config.db you move over.
> Does the domain name change? If so, you'll need to run fix_url on the
> moved lists and may want to rebuild the archives with bin/arch --wipe
> in order to fix the absolute links to the listinfo page on the archive
> index pages (or you can fix these manually or with a script).
> You will also have to deal with telling qmail about the lists, but I
> can't help with that.
Thanks for the help, a few following questions...

Ok, I'll copy the /lists/<listname> directories to the new server. Then
how do i tell Mailman to create config.pck out of the config.db? Does
mailman do this without me telling it to do so, or do I have to run some
command or maybe access the web admin pages?

As for the qmail I've found
http://www.uni.edu/~prefect/devel/mailman-qmail/index.shtml which seems
to fix the aliases for me.


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