[Mailman-Users] Stupid newbie request

Bob Landman rlandman at hlinstruments.com
Sun Aug 27 20:25:14 CEST 2006

You gave me the key Dragon - it was the TYPE of password that made all the difference!

Thank you!


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Bob Landman sent the message below at 09:24 AM 8/27/2006:
>Not true Mark.  My list has that option turned off and I checked A,B,C 
>list pages and none of the subcribers had that box checked.
>And as for running a script - how can I do that when I don't have 
>command line authority as Mailman for me is hosted by a commercial 
>website?  How do I run such a script (provided I can find someone to 
>write it for me)?
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I can't seem to get it to NOT work except as expected when the private_roster setting is set to List Admin Only.

I did several tests in various combinations. I put the who command followed by a valid admin, moderator or user password on a single line in the request e-mail.

When private_roster is set to Anyone, it works even without a password.

When private_roster is set to List Members, it requires a password but any valid member, moderator or administrator password works.

When private_roster is set to Admin Only, moderator or administrator passwords work.

Is the command returning anything at all?

Is the address you are sending it to correct? It should be in the form listname-request at example.com

Which type of password are you using?

What is private_roster set to? (You find that on the Privacy 
Options->Subscription Rules page).

Without further information, the only thing I can think of that would be preventing this is that your provider has decided to disable this feature. Have you tried contacting them to ask?

Do you know what version of mailman they are running?

The scripts that were referred to in the FAQ run on your machine, not the server. They query the admin web interface and extract the information. You do not need CLI access on the host machine, you only need to have Python installed on your own machine. Similar scripts can be devised in Perl, PHP or any other language that can retrieve a web page and parse a text file.


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