[Mailman-Users] Moving existing list to new server/domain

Bob bob at tania.servebbs.org
Tue Aug 29 03:00:33 CEST 2006


I am moving a LARGE Version 2.1.5 (linux) list to a 2.1.8 (FreeBsd)  server on 
a different domain.

I created the list on the new server and basically just cut/pasted most 
attribute fields from the existing to the new.

Two things I could not do this way, and they are:

1)  replicate the user-base (about 1000)
2)  replicate the "Non-member filters" (about 5000)

I initially tried to simply copy the config.pck file, configure /etc/hosts to 
point the old server-name to the new one, and was able to see all the users, 
etc... made a couple of needed changes, and reset /etc/hosts. Then Mailman 
crashed, spawning a bazillion processes, and "too many open files" forced a 

So obviously that doesn't work :-( 

I can dump the database OK, and see what I need, but how can I get this data 
back into the new list?

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