[Mailman-Users] How to create a list with an approved list of posters? (not answered by FAQ?)

Elizabeth Schwartz betsy.schwartz at gmail.com
Wed Aug 30 20:12:48 CEST 2006

I've read the FAQ and followed the steps at " How to restrict the list so
only authorized persons can post:" at
but it does not answer this question:

I have been charged with creating two lists, each with a limited set of
people who are allowed to **post** to the list.
One list is an umbrella list ; the other is not.  The people who are allowed
to post are a subset of members of the list.
I see how to allow them to post if they are *not* members of the list , but
not if they *are*.  I can NOT  make these people **moderators** since they
are VIP's who will not tolerate being bombarded with any amount of
"administrivia". They just want to be able to email the list and have their
messages go through. ( the documentation is also unclear about whether
members of sub-lists count as administrators).

Right now I have created the lists so that all messages are moderated and go
to myself or another admin for approval, but that's a poor compromise
because it doesn't allow the VIP's posts to go through immediately.  The
alternative I see would be to subscribe them under an alias that forwards to
their real name and hope mailman is fooled, but that is an even worse
compromise because they would not be able to access the web interface using
their real email address in that case. (a third option seems to be to create
a separate unmoderated list for the post-allowed folks, and subscribe to
that list an alias which goes to the read-only list, but that seems really
painful, and it means all the VIP's on the umbrella list might get
everything twice. But this just seems unnecessarily complex)

Am I missing something? If so please administer the clue bonk
thanks Betsy

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