[Mailman-Users] working on an insanely huge moderation request list

stephen at xemacs.org stephen at xemacs.org
Thu Aug 31 13:51:17 CEST 2006

Attila Kinali writes:

 > > Lastly, you could unpack each queue file in turn and simply rm the
 > > ones you don't want to approve, although I would imagine this to be
 > > quite a time-consuming process.
 > This is about what i want to achieve.
 > Could you give me a pointer on how to do this?

cd to Mailman's home, run "bin/show_qfiles dir_of_queue_in_question/*"

Obviously you're going to want to pipe that to something like less to
get a look at what you've got.  Once you've grokked that, some
variation on the theme bin/show_files | formail -s | procmail should
work to weed out the 7999 obvious losers.

Note that you need to specify the *files* in the usual way for the
command line, not the list or other Mailman abstraction.  This has two
implications.  (1) Use ls | xargs, not a shell wildcard unless you've
got one heck of a shell.  (2) You can just mv all the files somewhere
convenient and run bin/show_qfiles on them (I'm pretty sure).

Untested, YMMV, if it breaks you get to keep both pieces, etc.
Nonetheless, HTH. :-)


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