[Mailman-Users] generate web page of addresses in differentformat

Christopher Adams chris.a.adams at state.or.us
Thu Feb 2 00:07:16 CET 2006


All my lists are set up so that only the list owner can see the list of 
subscribers. In order to get the list, the list owner goes to the list 
info page, as if they were a user, and enters the admin email address 
and list password to get the entire list of subscribers.

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Dennis Hughes wrote:
>  How are you able to generate the subscriber list?  I have been wanting to
> do that for some time.
> If you get a list, it should be a simple matter to find and replace the " at
> " with "@".  Ctrl H in Word.
> Dennis
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> I would like to be able to generate a list of subscribed addresses from the
> list information page. I can do this, but the address format is 'joe.blow at
> wherever.com'. Currently, all 500+ lists at our site only give the
> Administrator the ability to do this. Consequently, the security risk of a
> user harvesting email addresses isn't really much of a possibility. Is there
> a way to generate the page so that it uses the '@' instead of 'at'.

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