[Mailman-Users] Upgrade mailman-2.1.4 to mailman-2.1.7

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Feb 3 22:27:27 CET 2006

Christopher Adams wrote:

>Thanks, Mark. I was aware that list-specific templates could be set up
>and I guess I didn't think about the effect of upgrades on them.
>As I understand the FAQ, Mailman will look for the templates
>first in the list specific directory, and if it doesn't exist, in the
>base template directory. We host over 500 lists. Most list owners do not
>modify their list information template. In order for most of the lists
>to reflect the information that I want, I edited the base template. If a 
>list owner has a list specific template,  it will override whatever 
>changes I make in the base template.

There are two other places edited templates can be put. In addition to
putting an edited template in lists/<listname>/<lang>/ (where it will
be used only for that list and language), you can put it in
templates/<hostname>/<lang>/ where it will become the default template
for that virtual host and language, and you can put it in
templates/site/<lang>/ where it will become the default for the entire
installation for that language.

>It looks like, until you actually go to the list information page in the
>list admin page and make edits, it uses the base template listinfo.html.

Or the <host> or site template if any.

>Once you have edited the list-specific listinfo page, it uses the base

I think you mean list specific, not base.

>Even adding the description in the General Options doesn't
>create the /lists/<language>/ directory. It still uses the base template
>until you go to the page and edit it.

Or the <host> or site template, but yes, the 'edit' page only creates
the lists/<lisname>/<lang>/ directory and/or template when the edited
template is first saved.

>It would be nice if there were specific parts of the listinfo.html page 
>that could not be changed by list owners. As it is, it seems that my 
>changing the base template listinfo.html is useless for several reasons. 
>One, it is overridden when an update takes place

Not if you put it in templates/site/<lang>/

>and two, it is 
>overridden as soon as the list-specific page is edited, which occurs 
>with every one of our lists. The only use for the customized base 
>template is if list owners don't make any edits to the list info page.

But if you have a custom template say in
templates/site/en/listinfo.html, and there is not a list specific
template, when the listowner first edits the template, she will get
the 'site' template as the base to edit.

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