[Mailman-Users] HELP!

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sat Feb 4 05:36:44 CET 2006

Bob Bales wrote:
>I had the same problem with this list, and I changed 
>email addresses and that ended it, as far as receiving email. I emailed my 
>"HELP" email at 9:23 am,  it didn't show up on the list until 4:23PM.

I don't have your original post that I received from the list, but if
you have it, check for the presence of an X-Mailman-Approved-At:
header indicating it was approved by a moderator and when.

I have experienced no delays from this list lately, so if there
actually was a delay in the list's receiving your mail or your
receiving the post back, it is likely a delay occurring between MTAs
totally outside of Mailman.

>I changed addresses for the other list and didn't have any effect at all.

So what is actually happening with this other list. You receive no mail
from the list? You post to the list and no one receives your post and
it doesn't appear in the archive? Other people post and receive OK?
You say your address is subscribed. Is mail delivery enabled? You say
you changed addresses. From the user options page? Did you receive and
respond to the confirmation?

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