[Mailman-Users] non human interface for manging users

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Mon Feb 6 06:54:35 CET 2006

>>>>> "Mark" == Mark Sapiro <msapiro at value.net> writes:

    >> I'm developping a web site for an association, and I wonder to
    >> know if they are any remote MailMan command which would enables
    >> me to manage user subscribion automatically.

    >> The Association's Web site has a securized interface for
    >> members. I'd like users to be able to subscribe/unsubscibe to
    >> one or several mailing list from this interface only. And also,
    >> I'd like to unsubscribe members automatically when they didn't
    >> pay they contribution.

    Mark> There are command line scripts in Mailman's bin/ directory
    Mark> such as add_members and remove_members that can be run from
    Mark> your own CGIs.

You might also want to search the documentation and the archives of
this list and the mailman-developers list for information on the
MemberAdapter interface, which provides some facilities to interface
to a separate membership database.

The MemberAdapter provided by Mailman 2.1 is evidently not very
successful (I haven't tried it myself, but "surely there's a better
way than MemberAdapter?" is a FAQ), but you may be able to make it
serve your purposes.  Better integration of 3rd-party databases is
planned for Mailman 3, but Mailman 3 is presently only a
proof-of-concept implementation, and there is no schedule for delivery
of a public release yet.

AFAIK Mailman 2.2 is not expected to get major improvements in this
area, but Tokio Kikuchi the authoritative source on that (IIRC); if a
brief look at Mailman 2.1 MemberAdapter seems unsatisfactory, you
could ask (on this list would be best, I think) about Mailman 2.2.

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