[Mailman-Users] Unauthorized mailings

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Mon Feb 6 18:07:55 CET 2006

rtara (Robin) wrote:

>There have been mailings through my mailman account that are not authorized
>- in fact, I have cancelled my extra services from my server Time Warner and
>no longer have the capability of sending mailman messages.

Presumably someone is posting to the list by spoofing you as the sender
of the post (i.e., faking the message to meke it look as though it
comes from you).

Are you the list owner? If so, you can set your subscription to
moderated so posts 'from' you have to be approved. If not, you can ask
the list owner to do it.

You can unsubscribe the spoofed address and subscribe with a different
address or a 'variant' of the spoofed address.

You or someone with some expertise can examine the Received: and other
headers in these posts and possibly determine the IP address of
origin, but some of these may be spoofed as well, and it is usually
not possible to determine the actual sender in any case without
cooperation from the originating ISP which may not be obtainable
without court order.

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