[Mailman-Users] Mails don't reach some subscribers

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Mon Feb 6 18:10:26 CET 2006

At 6:01 PM +0100 2006-02-06, Xabier Guitián wrote:

>  I've checked every log and find what i was looking for, the logs tells us the
>  message-id I want to look after, it divides in different MTA IDs, i'm
>  supposing that MM sorts them somehow.

	Once the message has passed from Mailman to the MTA, there is 
nothing more that Mailman can do -- everything is in the hands of the 

>                                         With that I can search across the logs
>  looking for the specific "list member" i wanted to track. That's what i were
>  looking for. I wonder if there is any tool that could do this for you :P

	Not any Mailman-related tools, no.  You should check with the 
author or company supporting your MTA to see if they have any such 

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