[Mailman-Users] Not a list member notification email

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Tue Feb 7 05:19:41 CET 2006

Lawrence Bowie wrote:
>Mark Sapiro wrote:
>> Lawrence Bowie wrote:
>>> 	These are message Mailman has in its qfiles that PostFix
>>> 	does not know about.
>> In which qfiles? If it is qfiles/retry/*, then the message has been
>> queued for retry because the original MTA delivery attempt resulted in
>> a transient error. The reason is logged in Mailman's smtp-failure log.
>> If it is some other queue, that that queue's runner is not doing its
>> job. Have you set QRUNNER_SLEEP_TIME in mm_cfg.py to some large value?
>No, that has been modified.

So let's see if I get the situation. A nonmember send a post to a list.
A reject message is generated and is queued within Mailman and takes
several hours to be delivered, meanwhile it sits in some queue in
mailman. Is that correct?

In which queue do you find it?

Are there any relevant messages in any of Mailman's logs, particularly
'locks', 'qrunner', 'error' and 'smtp-failure'?

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