[Mailman-Users] Not a list member notification email

Lawrence Bowie ldb at freestandards.org
Tue Feb 7 08:10:27 CET 2006

Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Lawrence Bowie wrote:
>> Mark Sapiro wrote:
>>> In which queue do you find it?
>> the out queue
>>> Are there any relevant messages in any of Mailman's logs, particularly
>>> 'locks', 'qrunner', 'error' and 'smtp-failure'?
>> Nothing good in qrunner, locks or error. smtp-failure has legitimate failures of 
>> domain not found or rejected remote delivery (due to non-existent recipient)
> So are there multiple messages in the out queue? Is there a backlog?
> Does the 'smtp' log indicate that processing is going as fast as it
> can, i.e. for sequential entries in the 'smtp' log is the time between
> the time stamp of one entry and that of the next roughly equal to the
> processing time in the first entry? And, do these times seem long.
> See the 'performance' related FAQ entries. These may be out of date
> (6.6 in particular), but 4.11 and 6.4 may be useful.

It just flushed like you crazy!! I changed my SMTP port in Mailman from the 
default to 10025 (for amavisd). That was the only real change.

I hope that did it ...


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