[Mailman-Users] 500 Internal Server Error with edithtml (butnotadmin, admindb and the rest)

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Feb 9 02:30:52 CET 2006

Edward Muller wrote:
>Yes, patched the correct edithtml.py. In fact I applied the entire patch.
>Today I erased edithtml.pyc and it's not being re-created when I vist:
>But it was re-created when I visited:
>So I don't think edithtml/traffic is even getting to load the edithtml module.

I agree. It definitely seems that
<http://www.mission2007.org/mailman/edithtml/traffic> is not going to
the correct wrapper/driver/Cgi script, but
<http://www.mission2007.org/mailman/edithtml> is. I would say this has
to be in the Apache configuration, but the most obvious thing is
something (alias, scriptalias, ??) matching 'traffic', but the other
<http://www.mission2007.org/mailman/admindb/traffic>, etc URLs all
appear to work.

Is there anything in the Apache config that could be matching on

In another post you say:

>[Wed Feb  8 11:31:26 2006] [error] [client] Premature end of
>script headers: /home/virtual/site47/fst/var/www/mailman/edithtml
>Is all I get. (in the Apache log).

Is this path, or at least the '/var/www/mailman/edithtml' part of it
where your Mailman cgi-bin wrappers are? What is the path in your

ScriptAlias /mailman/ path

directive in the Apache config? If it's not '/var/www/mailman/', where
is that coming from?

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