[Mailman-Users] Where are my posts?

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sun Feb 12 17:18:09 CET 2006

John Poltorak wrote:

>How can I trace what has happened to my posts to a list which I set up 
>some time ago?
>It had a few posts originally, but after restarting mailmanctl yesterday 
>nothing gets accepted. Have I overlooked something when start Mailman? I 
>ran 'mailamanctl start'.

Had you previously done 'mailamanctl stop'?. If not, you may have
issues with multiple qrunners. If you just want to 'restart' Mailman
because you made some mm_cfg.py change or similar, the appropriate
command is 'mailamanctl restart'. Do

ps -fAw | grep python

or how ever you might spell that to see what python processes are
running. There should be one mailmanctl and eight grunners -
ArchRunner, BounceRunner, CommandRunner, IncomingRunner, NewsRunner,
OutgoingRunner, VirginRunner and RetryRunner.

>Which log would I look at to see if a post has arrived in the first place?

When you say "nothing gets accepted", I assume you mean nothing gets
delivered/archived rather than your post is bounced back to you.

There is no Mailman log that will show receipt of a post. The MTA log
will show its delivery, and that's it. The 'post' log will have an
entry if the post made it through to outgoing delivery, and the 'smtp'
and 'smtp-failure' logs will have details about delivery. The 'vette'
log will have information about posts held for moderation or rejected
or discarded. Other than that, the 'error' log will have information
about errors that occurred in processing a post.

If the post arrived and was not fully processed, it should be in one of
the qfiles/* queues. If it's in qfiles/shunt/, it was shunted due to
an error which should be logged in 'error'. If in another queue, it is
waiting to be processed by a qrunner which may not be running.


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