[Mailman-Users] VDQ : editiing??

beartooth beartooth at adelphia.net
Mon Feb 13 14:41:11 CET 2006

Complete beginner here, with a Very Dumb Question : can I edit messages to
be posted?

I've been running a jokeswap list manually for a long time. I often modify
what's sent to me, for spelling, grammar, formatting, and sometimes other
things; I suspect my subscribers like the results, whether or not they
have any idea what I do or when I do it.

I'm considering automating that list. I don't see any way I can get into
the text of a message sent to Mailman and edit it. Is there one?

I suppose I could go on having posters send to my personal account, edit
from there as usual, and forward to the list address; but that defeats
most of the purpose of automating ...

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Remember I have little idea what I am talking about.

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