[Mailman-Users] sendmail and mm-handler woes

Kevin McNamee kevin.mcnamee at symsoft.se
Mon Feb 13 22:04:39 CET 2006


For the record I am running on Solaris 10 and I am using the mm-handler. 

When I send a mail (from Outlook) with DEBUG turned on in mm-handler, I get
a "Returned mail" with the debug output. So it seems that that is working.

Without DEBUG it does not reach Mailman moderation. I tried to send the same
message on the command line:

> su - mailman
> cat testmsg.txt | /usr/local/mailman/mail/mailman post testlist

And this got to the moderation queue. Since the testmsg.txt includes headers
I also got a message back from testlist-bounces saying that my message was
awaiting approval.

When I accept the message, it does not appear in the archive.

There seems to be two problems here:
  1) messages not reaching Mailman from Outlook/mm-handler
  2) approved messages not being archived (or sent to members).

Perhaps this is just an archiving problem. If the processing steps are
  moderation -> archiving -> post to members

Looking at the lists/testlist/digest.mbox I can see that the messages are in
the file! Trying a different approach I created a new list called "foobar"
and suddenly my test messages to foobar are archived and posted to members!

Still have a problem sending mail from Outlook. Tried directly with sendmail

echo "From: kevin.mcnamee<at>symsoft.se
To: foobar<at>mailman.symsoft.se
Subject: Test
test mail body
" | /usr/sbin/sendmail -v -fkevin.mcnamee<at>symsoft.se

Still no luck. I will continue testing. Any help appreciated.

Some comments on the FAQ:
Step 1) This 
    ps -aux| grep mailmanctl |grep -v grep
should be replaced with this
    ps -ef | grep qrunner |grep -v grep

Step 3) To locate the smrsh directory try
    strings /usr/lib/smrsh | grep sm.bin

Step 4) I ran 'netstat -na |grep ":25 "' but I did not get any result.

Step 6) This step is confusing. I have lock files and the process that
created the lock does exist.  Does this step say that I can delete them
anyway or that I should only delete them if there is no process found?


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