[Mailman-Users] Subscription settings not taking

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Tue Feb 14 18:11:37 CET 2006

beartooth wrote:
>It did take from Epiphany. So what do I tell the people in opera.general,
>over on news.opera.no, who'll be able to do something about it? Just that
>setting the subscription options worked with Epiphany but not Opera, or is
>there something else I'm not getting?

When you log in to your options page at
mailman sets a session cookie by sending the http header

Set-Cookie: mailman-users+user+beartooth--at--adelphia.net=xxx;
Path=/mailman/; Version=1

where xxx is a string of hex digits (characters 0-9 and a-f)
representing a hash of your password and other data.

Can opera show you it's set cookies. If so, and you can see this
cookie, so far so good. If opera can show you it's cookies and this
isn't there after you sent your password and received your options
page, then opera didn't accept the cookie.

Then when you submit your (revised) options, opera should send the post
data with a cookie header

Cookie: mailman-users+user+beartooth--at--adelphia.net=xxx

where xxx is the same data as in the Set-Cookie: header.

Something in this process isn't happening. I.e. Mailman is setting a
cookie that is not being accepted and returned as set.

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