[Mailman-Users] Virtusertable with 2.1.7

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Tue Feb 14 21:08:52 CET 2006

Mel Sojka wrote:

>Well I am getting errors on incoming to the bounces aliases for the two 
>list that were upgraded. In 2.0 I had the list , the admin, request and 
>the owner (pointing to admin) in the virtusertable.  I have all 10 of 
>the aliases for both these list in /etc/mail/aliases and newaliases of 
>course was run. What appears to be happening is when a post is made the 
>return from an old bad address is causing the problem, mail is going out 
>fine.  Just filling up the postmasters mail box.

I'm very weak on this so take it with "a grain of salt", but I think if
there aren't issues with the list address local parts conflicting with
non-mailman addresses, you don't need anything Mailman related in
virtusertable as long as you have all the aliases (10 per list) in

Is this your current situation, or do you have Mailman related stuff in
virtusertable? If so, what?

Is the issue with VERP like returns to addresses like
list-bounces+user=user.domain at list.domain?

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