[Mailman-Users] Same maillist-name in multiple domains.

Claus Jeppesen jeppesen at memphys.sdu.dk
Wed Feb 15 12:53:47 CET 2006

Dear MailMan-Users/Developers,

Excuse me for this posting, but at the SDU (University of Southern Denmark)
we are in the process of porting our mailinglists to Mailman. We are using
exim as the backend MTA for Mailman.

We have (of course, as one could imagine :)) run in to the problem that
multiple departments would like to have the same mailing-list name,
which of course would belong to different domains [i.e.
seminars at dept1.sdu.dk and seminars at dept2.sdu.dk for seminars announcements].

I can see from the TODO list that this is an issue to be solved. I know
I'm pushing my luck ( :) ), but do you have an idea of when Mailman
(natively) will support same $local_part in different $domains.



Claus Jeppesen
Memphys Center, SDU
Campusvej 55
5230 Odense M, Denmark
Ph: +45-65503475 Fax: +45-66158760

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