[Mailman-Users] Subscription settings not taking

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Wed Feb 15 18:19:48 CET 2006

At 8:37 AM -0500 2006-02-15, Charles Marcus wrote:

>>  IIRC, we asked them to stop mirroring the mailman-* mailing lists
>>  a while back, and if they have stealthed back into the system, then
>>  we need to look at banning all Gmane addresses from contacting any of
>>  the python.org sites through any mechanism.
>  So, I guess you had your talk, because I just got notified that these
>  two gmane lists were no longer available and had to unsubscribe (to
>  terminate the notifications).

	No, I haven't talked to them yet.  This might be a coincidence, 
or maybe someone else reported this thread to the folks at Gmane.

	I still have yet to talk to Barry and the other 
postmasters/listowners to find out what the consensus policy is. 
Whatver that policy is decided to be, that is what we will implement 
-- my personal feelings aside.

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